Saturday, April 30, 2011

ZigZag Zeal

My son Jake is a football player.

Youth football is crazy, you never know what you will see at these games. I have seen crazy dad’s who yell at their sons in front of the whole team, trying to re-live some crazy fantasy of their youth.  I am always shocked at the parents more then the kids, if you ever need a good lesson in good & very bad parenting go watch a youth football game.  Anyway, back to my football story...

I love sitting there in the stands watching Jake play even though I am a nervous wreck thinking about what injury is he going to get today the entire time. I love to watch Jake zigzag down the field with such determination and I smile when his teammates offer a hand to get up after a tough play. I love to hear his name over the loud speaker when he has a great play, especially love hearing other parents say “keep your eye on number 45, he is good.”

I loved watching Jake's twin sister on the sidelines cheering for the team, she was a great cheerleader. She was the “flyer”, you know the girl who gets thrown up in the air and relies on other young girls to catch her also known as the give-mom-a-heart-attack landings. She quit the cheer team last year but that’s okay, I love sitting in the stands with her where I know she is safe.

I love that my youngest daughter always looks for Jake on the field, is the first to run to him and hug him after the game and that even though he is a teenager he remembers to hug her back.

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My favorite football memories of all though is when they have a really tough loss and my son Jake comes out of the locker room and walks back to the car with me slowly because he is so sore and tells me how he much fun he had. That alone is reason enough to love the game of football.


  1. Clever post for Z! I'm a big football fan and enjoyed reading this post. My nephew played youth football and I remember the crazy parents, very disturbing sometimes!

    Congratulations on making it to the end of the Challenge! I'm glad to have found your blog. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. My Zach got a minor concussion this year in 7th grade fball. So, I know your fears.
    Great to meet you, too, during this challenge. Write on!

  3. Lovely post about a mother's children, I have enjoyed all through the challenge.

    Enjoy your week=end.

  4. My girls aren't into sport but I'm nervously waiting for the day my little boy wants to play rugby. eek!

    Hey congrats on the A-Z. You have done a marvelous job of it. and it was great to meet you and Jake and the sisters. :)

  5. You made my best of A-Z list. Check out my post at the link below.

    InspiredbyLisa – Best of the A-Z Challenge

  6. Youth football is crazy to be sure! My Pop is graduation this year and will be playing college ball to help pay for his education - But boy there were some crazy people at those games!

  7. I love that Jake still publicly hugs his sister! I've enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to seeing more of you! Julie

  8. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Nice to "meet you". Sorry it took me a moment to pass by, but I'm excited to continue reading your posts!

    PS- Cute shirt! I love personalizing clothes!

  9. Well, that's what it's all about isn't it, though winning is fun too!! :p

    I'm glad Jake hasn't had a latest injury yet.


  10. Crazier still, when my stepson was in HS football, was the hs administration. All's they cared about was him being on the team. Nothing else.