Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remarkable Revelation

Jake has always been one for getting along with other kids and makes new friends easily with his outgoing personality, so you can imagine the surprise I had when the principal called to say Jake had literally pounced on a boy while out on the playground in 1st grade.
After a lengthy talk with the principal about the investigation he had done into the event, I was very surprised to hear that Jake’s twin sister provoked Jake to tackle this poor boy on the playground.
She in fact liked this little boy and because kids have such a weird way of showing it, she set a series of events into motion just to get his attention.
1. She told Jake that this boy (pointing him out) on the playground was being mean to her and to watch out for her while she played.
2. She casually marched straight across the playground to the boy and told him that it would be fun to have a pushing contest and that he should go first by pushing her.
3. She laughed her little butt off when Jake tore through the playground and tackled this boy to the ground.
4. She sat in disbelief when the three of them had their very first visit ever to the principal’s office and she feared the inevitable punishment that was coming to her when the truth came out.
Jake and this boy went on to be very good friends and the principal used the opportunity to explain to Jake’s twin sister that she has a pretty big responsibility as a good sister not to provoke her brother to defend her.

Jake learned that day that things are not always as they appear and that sometimes sisters have horns.


  1. Oh Dear, poor Jake and poor sister, He will learn as he gets older,
    Love the post as always.


  2. wonderful post - I think you commented on my Rumi blog - my writing blog (where I'm doing the A to Zed) is Jan Morrison - ! love to see you there.

  3. haha loved it. Poor Jake. He's quite the man though - standing up for his sis.