Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Judge & Jury Jake

From the very moment Jake saw the movie Toy Story he was hooked, there was something about Buzz Lightyear that he just loved, probably all those gadgets.  Jake quickly grew a entire collection of Toy Story toys but he especially loved his first Buzz Lightyear which had "JAKE" on the bottom of the foot, thanks to me and my handy dandy black permanent marker.
Every night Jake would sleep with that Buzz and one Woody in his bed (now that he was finally sleeping in a actual bed), one night though in the middle of the night...
Jake came out into the living room where I was still awake and with tears running down his face, he stood there crying and mumbling the words "Woody pushed me out of bed" over and over again.
Needless to say, I could not get Jake to go back to sleep until I removed every last woody from his bedroom, he was convinced that Woody had not only pushed him out of bed but that Woody was the bad guy and would continue to pull tricks on him if he let even one of him stay in the room.

The next morning, Jake was still convinced that Woody had in fact pushed him out of bed and that day all of the Woody's were packed up in a box and put away for good, that is the power of being the judge and jury over who you let into your life and who you send packing.    


  1. Very thought provoking I must say, it's a choice I've been thinking about for some time and your post has made me think all the more.
    Thank you.

  2. Many thanks for the comment I do appreciate all the comments I recieve,


  3. Poor Jake! And poor Woody! ;) Thank for visiting my blog and becoming my latest follower! You have a great blog here as well!

  4. awww gotta feel sorry for Woody but it's good to get rid of the bad guy in your life.