Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Road Trips

This past weekend I had the pleasure of driving three out of my four kids across town and I realized that even though they are growing up, they are just as bad in the car as when they were toddlers.  One was in the back seat trying to tell me a good story about school, one was interupting the entire time to get her two cents in from the other back seat and the one in the front (Jake) was changing the radio station ever two seconds trying to find a song then cranking up the volume once he did! 
I did have a little smile on my face though, thinking back on all the times my own mother used to yell at my sister and I telling us "I hope someday when you have kids they drive you as nuts as you two drive me!"
LOL, you win mom... paybacks!

You know I had to race home and create a family cartoon to showcase these moments we all have seem to have had.  I hope this story brings back some good family car moments for you too!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gardening With Gramps

For my Mother's Day yesterday I took flowers over to my mom and she needed help on her computer so the kids needed to find something to do, which landed them outside with gramps to work in the garden.

Let's just say say the "help" was not such great help in the garden and gramps had them in the house pretty quickly to play a game of Wii bowling instead.  It was probably a good thing though since it was another chance for grandpa to beat them down on a video game.  :)  Too funny!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mr. Innocent

When my son Jake was about eight or nine years old he had a pretty good philosophy and that was: “whatever it was, it wasn’t me.”
I even joked and called him the “wasn’t me man” for a few years.
Good thing this did not last long but those days were pretty funny since he was a master at crafting his words skillfully to talk his way out of things he and his twin sister had done.

I love how kids are always picking up new things and using them to their advantage, too bad it usually comes back on us parents like it does though. 
Have your kids pulled the wool over your eyes lately?