Monday, April 11, 2011

Identifying Independence

Attending parent teacher conferences when your child or children in this case (twins) are in 2nd grade is usually pretty standard stuff, you go over the basics (math, reading, etc.) and the teacher tells you how your child is progressing. This particular conference though took a very strange turn when the teacher said something quite unusual to me…
She said “Jake does not appear to know what to do, unless a girl is telling him what to do.”
Without a ounce of hesitation or thought I said the unthinkable “well, there is nothing wrong with that.”
She moved on quickly with the academics, with a small grin on her face.
On the drive home though thinking about the conversation is when it really hit me, was I raising the perfect male? Or a house full of take-charge women that will go out into the world and dominate? What can I do to change this situation?
Later that night I called a family meeting at the kitchen table and asked Jake if he does in fact know what to do if a girl is not telling him what to do, he laughed loudly and said “Yes, but life is so much easier if I do just do what they say."  (lol, the perfect male!)


  1. Wonderful!!!!
    That is sooo funny! Too bad I'm adding 3 less-than-perfect males to the mix...I fight a losing battle over here.
    Happy I Day!

  2. Very amusing, how well I remember my children'e parents evenings, on second thoughts I don't want to
    Loved the post.

  3. He got a point there! So funny and so true!

  4. Haha! He has learned young-- he's a genius!

  5. This is AWESOME! What a cool kid you have! Blessings, Joanne