Saturday, April 16, 2011

Naughty & Nice

If there is one thing Jake knows, it is that his three sisters will always be there for him.  They may be naughty and cause him a lot of grief, injuries (thanks twin sis) and much humor at his expense but they can also be nice, loving and very supportive when a boy needs a friend.
He may wonder what life would be like not having them around (much quieter) or ponder the thought of a life with a brother, there is no way he would trade his life of having 3 crazy sisters.
Mom (me) loves to tell Jake, "just think someday when you are married and have a woman telling you what to do, it won't be anything you are not used to!" 
Jake usually laughs and adds "then I can have a bunch of daughters, that would be just my luck."


  1. Wonderful post, most enjoyable to read.

    Have a smashing week-end.

  2. He probably will have daughters. Won't that be funny?