Friday, April 22, 2011

Stitches, Staples & Shiners!

Jake's Lifetime Injury List Excluding Scrapes & Bruises (everything mom can remember at least)
1. The very first shiner ~ black & blue eye compliments of twin sister smacking him with a building block before the age of one. He can always look back at the pictures of it and see where his troubles all began.
2. Stitches under chin ~ pushed by twin sister and fell into the coffee table, age 1.
3. Staples to the head ~ pushed on the stair steps by twin sister, age 5.
4. Dura bond (medical glue) to the forehead ~ rode bike into corner of the house while looking down watching his feet instead of the driveway, also age 5.
5. Dura bond again ~ ear lobe injury from messing with kitchen cabinets, age 6.
6. Staples on side of head ~ fell outside on back stairs of house, age 6.
7. Staples to back of head ~ rough housing with friend and hit edge of table, age 8.
8. Staples to side of head ~ playing with friends outside, age 9.
9. Sprained wrist ~ Football injury, age 10.
10. Stitches on two fingers ~ Shot by twin sister with BB Gun after letting her use it for the very first time, after a full year of him using it safely by himself, age 11.
11. Bruised ribs ~ Football injury, age 11.
12. Sprained thumb ~ Football injury, age 12.
13. Sprained ankle ~ Football injury, age 12.
14. Surgery to abdomen ~ to fix hernia Jake was probably born with, age 13
15. Bruised tailbone ~ Football injury, age 13
16. Stitches on two fingers ~ Just last week, after pulling a hunting knife out of a bag, after it had wiggled out of it’s case, age 14.

I am pleased to say however that Jake has a incredibly high pain tolerance and has always taken the medical procedures in stride and is usually more upset about the low number of stitches or staples he receives, I guess this lessons the bragging rights at school or something.  Once he even got a doctor to add one staple, after much begging!

As you can see by the size of this list, Jake is a very injury prone boy, which drives me (mom) crazy!!  I am constantly praying that my little boy has had enough injuries to last him a entire lifetime! Thanks to all the wonderful doctor’s who have used great skill to leave Jake with only a few noticeable scars that are all thankfully under his hair! 
Now, how many staples, stitches or shiners have you had in your lifetime?


  1. I've had many operations , but my youngest son was accident prone from an early age, I was pregnant with my daughter and was six weeks away from giving birth, he slid down a pole and broke his leg, which was broken in two places.
    Then he fell at bumped his head at school and was taken to hospital. Then he started playing soccer, he went to Holland with the school team to play and was kicked in the throat. Life went on then playing a match he was kicked in the nose, result? a broken nose, Years passed by now he was a pro. soccer player and he had his jaw smashed he has steel plates there to this day. A year later he had his ankle smashed in . steel plates and pins in that. He can't play soccer anymore as I heave a sigh of relief.

  2. Phew! I've only broken my tail bone and (maybe) nose once. Never got stitches or staples. Only been operated for tonsils.

    But... I sprain my ankles easily, have sprain my wrist and the ribs of my left side while fencing.

    Fencing also gives me plenty of bruises. None to my face, though.


  3. I love your blog and your post. Some children are just accident prone. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and your wonderful comments. I cherish them all. Susie Swanson

  4. My own son had his fair share, though I wouldn't call him accident prone like YOUR son. I remember some doozies: one when we were living for a year in Laie, Hawaii and he was climbing a fence in the backyard and fell back onto the remains of a plumeria plant--a limb that stuck up from the ground. Ouch. Fortunately it missed all his vital organs. He got plenty of Stitches, though. Good S word. And thanks for dropping by and commenting today...
    Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home

  5. Goodness - just reading this list makes me flinch. I cannot imagine how you have held up through all of that; my nerves would have given out. What a brave boy!

  6. Ah, life raising a boy. They are something else entirely. My little one chipped a tooth when he was 15 months, and I still have no idea how (or when) he did it. If he was upset about it, he forgot to cry and inform me. loved your post!

  7. ha ha.. thanks for your visit.. but being a doctor myself, I stitched my son's temple once, and his left eyelid.. and once he came home with stitches in his scalp from school..hMM still a long way to go..
    he was rather afraid of how i will scold him than the thought of suturing the wound

  8. What a tough boy! It must have been hard for you to cope with everything too! While you waited for him to come home from school you probably thought, "now i wonder what injury he has today?" !!!!

    I haven't had too many rough encounters, just a few scratches here and there, stepping on pins, stappling thumbs etc. Oh, but i was dropped twice as a baby and had my skull cracked. oops!

    Thanks for joining my blog! I look forward to seeing you stop by soon! I am now your newest follower too!


  9. Very cute and creative post! I have 2 boys who have also suffered multiple injuries from sports and play fighting as well as other silly things! Years later I can laugh about it! At the time, I was an absolute wreck! Hopefully, Jake got everything out of his system and will remain out of harms way! Thanks for visitng me and I look forward to your future stories! Julie

  10. Tough job for mom! We have been pretty blessed for injuries thank God - I wish that we did not have so many ear infections under our belt, but we have only had two with stiches so time each. Of course, thst bubble we make them live in helps a lot!!

  11. wow thats a long list, guess some people are just accident prone