Friday, April 1, 2011

Addictively Amusing

When a boy gets his first bike it is a very big deal and Jake was no exception, he was so excited to get a big wheel bike he could hardly wait to get outside and ride it.  He rode that big wheel up and down the driveway for hours having fun, every once in awhile he would stop and pick up a little stone or just for the fun of the taking off again.  The day was going great for Jake, he was really enjoying his big wheel, that is until big sister got involved... 
Seeing Jake having all this fun, big sister decided to make things a little more interesting by telling Jake that his trip up the driveway would be so much more fun if only he would let her tie a jump rope to the front of his big wheel and pull him with her bike.  Hearing the words "more fun" is all Jake needed to hear and he was in on the plan, he even ran to get the jump rope when big sister suggested he could get it faster then her.
After big sister tied the rope real tight to both bikes she got on her bike, turned her head to look back and said "okay, here we go."
That ride down the driveway was so fast, Jake just grinned from ear to ear, he never even noticed when big sis had taken the turn at the end of the driveway and passed him going back the other way.  This is when the fun came to a screeching halt because when that jump rope pulled Jake's bike all the way around, Jake did not go the same way his big wheel did.  Jake ended up with two band aids on his knees, one on a elbow and a few tears streaming down his cheeks that afternoon, big sister was highly amused that she did not have one scratch on her pretty little legs.

Jake learned that day that sometimes it is best to just be happy with what you have and maybe big sister's idea of "more fun" is not exactly more fun.


  1. I remember big wheels! Weren't they fun? And yes, big sisters can be oh so cruel. I know... I am one. I tried to kill my sister many times. The funniest was when I locked her in a wardrobe and tried to suck all the air out with a vacuum cleaner.

    Suffice to say, it didn't work...

  2. Great story...sounds a lot like our family. We've got 4 kids too. My youngest son once broke his arm because his big sister was trying to increase the "fun factor" so she pushed him up a skateboard ramp in his "COZY COUPE." Well the crazy wheels of that little car went in the opposite direction of what she was expecting and he tipped over and smashed his arm between the car and the cement driveway. They laugh about it now but my daughter felt terrible at the time.

  3. Love your stories about Jake - and look forward to reading more during the A-Z month. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. (= Great story. Learning to be happy can be a lifetime pursuit! (=
    Have fun with A-Z!

  5. I loved my big wheel! Love your story. Great lesson! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I look forward to following you and reading the rest of your A-Z posts!

  6. A real Big Wheels? The plastic three wheelers? I remember those. I didn't realize they still made Big Wheels!
    Hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

  7. I hope you warn Jake when he gets his first bike with hand brakes, that braking with his feet does nothing to slow you down when you're headed right for that telephone pole....

    A lesson I learned the HARD way!

    I missed Big Wheels-either they didn't have them or my parents couldn't afford them...

  8. ROFL Um, nope. He just might not trust big sister every again!

  9. Very funny story. Thanks for sharing.