Monday, April 4, 2011

Crib Craziness

Going way back in time to when neither Jake or his twin sister could walk, back to when Jake was very good at pulling himself up on everything he could reach (Jake walked just before 11 months, so somewhere in the 10 month range).
One morning when I opened the door to the twins bedroom I got a very big surprise, one crib empty and one crib with two babies in it.  I remember thinking maybe their dad or their older sister had moved Jake from his crib to his twin sisters crib, so I brought it up at dinner time and they both denied ever moving Jake and kind of looked at me like I was nuts, even suggesting that I had probably moved Jake and forgot about it or something. Yeah, right like that happened, misplacing babies was not my thing.
The following morning though of course, I opened the door and sure enough there was Jake and his twin sister both grinning from ear to ear and bouncing up and down in her crib.
Long story short... from the minute Jake was able to,  he began climbing out of his crib every night, crawling across the room and climbing up into her crib, where he got a good night of sleep probably watching over her.

This crib craziness continued until the cribs went away and the Little Tykes Race Car beds arrived, which is another crazy story all together!
It is crazy what a boy will do for the sister he dearly loves, that is a love he was born with.


  1. Love this post. I have twin niece and nephew and Jack used to do this same thing. He started climbing out of his crib at about 11 months and my sister just finally took his crib down. Now at 2 and a half he sleeps in a regular bed and Jessie sleeps in her crib. Fun times!

  2. It was so relaxing to come over and read this. I'm very glad you found me through the A to Z Challenge. I'm following so I can read more such delightful stories. Maybe reading them will bring back memories; my youngest of four is now 41, and I didn't have twins. Those times are dim memories, sometimes, until they're jogged, as you just did. In my life, I have also heard some "wild" twin stories! They're coming back to me now as I write this. Thank you, Snakesmom, for stories!

  3. You are going to have so many amazing kidlet stories to tell. Love it!

  4. Looking forward to the racecar bed story.