Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bad Boy Bus Bully

One regular afternoon when Jake was in middle school, he was riding the bus home with his twin sister, his older sister (picked up at the high school) and a three older boys from the neighborhood who started picking a fight with him.  Jake gave as good as he got in the bickering back and forth until the bus stopped and let them all out at the bus stop.
As the bus drove away out of sight, one of the older boys known for being the "bus bully" pushed Jake from behind and knocked him to the ground.  Jake not one for backing down especially not in front of two of his sisters, got up and stood his ground.
The problem is, there stood Jake against this older boy, two his bully friends and two sisters who were both giggling and acting as if they could care less if Jake got a good beating as they started walking toward home. 
Then came the even bigger push from behind that took Jake and the fight to the ground.  The situation looked pretty bad for Jake until something very, very unusual happened...
In a split second decision something grabbed hold on Jake's twin sister's heart and in that split second she turned back from her walk and went right over to the fight and out of nowhere landed one good punch on the bus bully and said "don't you ever mess with my brother."
The fight was over. 
The bus bully got up very embarrassed about the fact that he just got schooled by a girl, covered his face with his hands and high tailed it home.  The bully's friends decided quite quickly that they wanted none of that and headed on their way home too.
Jake's twin calmly turned back around, without a word, grabbed her backpack off the ground and headed home. 
Jake got up and just stood there in silence for a long time, he just could not believe that his twin sister who likes to act like he means nothing to her, had actually just done what she did to that bully.
From that day forward, Jake always knew in his heart that his twin sister would be there for him when it matters the most.


  1. These stories are great! Are they real life experiences or made up?
    Happy B Day!

  2. These are all true stories about my son Jake and his life with 3 crazy sisters! :) Thanks for the visit too! :)

  3. Aw, that's so sweet! As a mom of twins (boys) it's nice to hear stories when they stick up for each other.

  4. I'm always amazed by the bond that twins share, there's something so magical about it :) I'd love to read more. Thank you for visiting!

  5. Lovely story - reminds me of when of my daughters said SHE could call her sister all the names under the sun but she wouldn't let anyone else say anything bad about her.

  6. LOVE when siblings stand up for each other. Nice post.

  7. What a great story! I love siblings sticking up for each other!

    I am excited to read the rest of your A to Z posts!!

  8. That's a cool story. Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my alliteration. On my second blog I'm spending the month discussing bullying. You're the only other person I've seen to mention it so far.

  9. I love that 1) his sister stood up for him and 2) he wasn't embarrassed by that.

    Great story/memory!

  10. Great story!
    I'm sure Jake would stand up for his sisters.

  11. growing up with 3 younger sister, I truely believed I was the only one allowed to mess with them, although I tormented them a lot, I was the first one in line to help them out. There really is something to be said for the sibling bond

  12. (= I was a total tom boy as a kid and was always defending people against bullies. We had one on our bus that bugged my little brother a lot. I put a stop to that.

  13. That's so cute! I never had siblings so to read something like this is really amusing :) Keep up the writing and happy alphabetizing! :D