Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Explosively Exhausting Energy

When Jake and his twin sister were born it became quite clear that Jake had more then enough energy for the two of them.  He never quit moving, never, not even when he was sleeping, his liitle legs just kept moving as if he was even dreaming about doing adventurous things. 
One of the many fun gifts for Jake and his twin sister was a set of Graco Johnny Jumpers, which for those of you who do not know is a hanging seat that attaches to a interior doorframe and it allows babies to jump. 
One of the perks of having two doorways in the hallway that faced each other was the twins could play and jump in their Johnny Jumpers and watch each other. So we thought...
From the very moment Jake got into his, he was a jumping maniac, he jumped so high and so far he could almost even get his seat to reach across the hall to his twin sisters.  This kept her so entertained she forgot to ever even jump in hers!
Jake jumped for so long one day that his twin grew tired of watching and laughing that finally she just laid her head down on the tray (which had Cheerios on it) and when big sis got home from school and woke her up she had Cheerios stuck to her cheeks which made everyone have a good laugh.

Whether you are the jumper like Jake or you prefer to just stay safe and watch, life is always a leap worth taking .