Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kind Kid

My son Jake is a natural born kind kid, he does not like it when people are unhappy or sad and he will try to pick you up with a joke or a simple smile. Jake does however have the "tough guy" in him though that will draw a line in the sand and fight when he needs to.
While in middle school his twin sister’s friend that is quite tall, I mean really tall for that age was continuously picked at everyday by a boy who had a locker near hers, so badly so, that she did not even want to go to school because of it.
So one day I get the dreaded phone call that no parent likes to receive, Jake had been suspended for fighting at school.
Jake mad about having been suspended for doing the right thing in his mind did not want to talk about it, thinking there was no way I would understand and just went up to his room when he got home. His twin sister however was ready to share the news though since she was so thrilled that her brother defended her friend, she raced to tell the story.
Apparently Jake had told the boy more then a few times to leave her alone and that the “giraffe” jokes were just not that funny but this boy would not let it go and continued and when she started crying because of his hurtful words, Jake simply had enough and shut him up.

That was the last day that the bully ever tormented his twin’s friend and after hearing that my son did what I would expect him to do there was no at home “suspension”, just a good talk and a pat on the back for doing the right thing for someone who really needed a friend.


  1. Your son reminded me of my youngest son,when he was all of six he took his 2yrs old sister to the swings just by our house, she was on the swing when a family of foreign children pushed her off, Son said "Who did that?" "We speak no English" came the reply so son gave each child a slap and said there I got the right one.
    He came home and told me and his dad what had happened then we had the entire foreign family at our door threatening to hit my son. They finally went.......and called the police.
    My son was given a talking to but he always stood by his sister.

    Bullies are cowards and it's a shame really because handled the right way it can be prevented.


  2. Yay for Jake! Sometimes the only thing a bully understands is something physical, and I really don't think an adult should do that (sends the wrong message).

  3. Well done Jake. I hate bullies.

  4. Hooray for your son! I wish he hadn't been suspended though. Damn that zero tolerance B.S.! BLessings, Joanne

  5. You have a son to be proud of. Standing up to bullies is so courageous. Maybe schools need to look at this more closely.