Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Friendly Push Or Was It?

One relatively calm afternoon years ago,  I was making Jake's favorite meal at the time which was hamburgers and macaroni and cheese.  Once the meal was complete I called out to the kids playing upstairs that dinner was ready and to hurry it up before it got cold (they had a tendency for horsing around and making late arrivals to the dinner table).  The next thing I heard was a couple of loud thumps and then that dreaded scream that only comes after the typical hard fall but this was not a typical fall, I would soon find out.
After rushing out of the kitchen, past the living room and to the stairs the first thing I see is Jake bleeding, holding his head, I picked up Jake and the next thing I see is a little "shock and awe" look on his twin sisters face standing right on the middle of the stairsteps.
"What happened" I asked in a firm voice as I quickly ran with Jake in my ams to the downstairs bathroom to grab a towel and access the damage on his poor little head.
"I dunno.  He um... Well, I was um, helping him get to the table faster momma" Jake's twin sister replied.
Needless to say Jake had a pretty deep but small cut on his forehead that was surely going to require stitches.  Jake was just sitting there listening to this crazy story his twin sister was telling and with his big brown eyes looking at her (tears in her eyes and all for fear of the wrath of punishment for the crime), then looking at the floor mulling it over.  He proceeds to look up at me (with the huge brown eyes) and say "it was a friendly push mom, she didn't mean to do it."
Then he quickly hops off the counter holding the towel on his head says "let's eat before we go get stitches."

You can only imagine what a uncomfortable dinner this was with Jake holding a towel on his head the whole time he ate and his twin sister looking down at her plate the entire meal. 
To this day I am still amazed by the idea that Jake was smart enough even at the age of five to figure out that if his sister would have gotten punished, she would have made his life even crazier and the better option was eating his favorite burgers and taking the stitches like a man.

"You Must Call Me Princess Or Else"

One day Jake was playing with his older sister and she made quite a few demands about how their time would be spent.  After almost an hour of meeting all her demands and even calling her "Princess", finally Jake said "I don't want to play anymore."
Jake's sister stood up, calmly shut the door shut and with a stearn voice said "You must call me princess or we are not playing together anymore!" 
Needless to say, I had to go open the door and rescue Jake!  After that day, he was always sure to ask "I don't have to call you princess... right?" before each and every time they played. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

An Introduction Into the Wild World of Crazy Kids Cartoon Art

Hello!! Come right in...
and welcome to my CraZy WoRld!!
I am the mother of four wild, crazy and almost always hilarious children, three daughters and one son named Jake which is where the "Snakesmom" came from. I often feel for Jake because he is surrounded by women and ones that are, let's just say "highly spirited".
Jake has a older sister, a twin siter and a little sister. Other then his first 31 FULL minutes of freedom, he has been dominated by his often naughty twin siter Amber. Though you would never know it by looking at them now...
Anyway, Jake and his sisters inspired me to go back to what I enjoyed doing long before any of them were born, which is art. The only difference is now I create art inspired by my memories of all the crazy things these four have done to each other while making their way through this crazy thing called "childhood" and now these designs can by customized to fit any other family with crazy kids and parents too!
The postings I will be adding are all TRUE (a little strange) and a whole LOT funny and will describe exactly why my little angels are more like little "crazies"!! :P
One of my most recent crazy kid designs on a cooking apron...

The above was inspired by me having one of those "special" moments in the kitchen with two of my children. :P I hope you get a good laugh!