Friday, April 15, 2011

Monopoly Man

Jake loves to play the game Monopoly! 
He likes to play with me (mom) and his little sister also known as "the traitor" because she always sells me out and makes trades with Jake that end up killing me by the end of the game.
This picture is what the typical game looks like in the end, it is no wonder I TRY to stay in jail so I can hide from having to pay all that high rent to him!
The trade off for 'lil sis is, he lets HER out of paying him rent when she lands on his for me his own MOTHER, the one that gave birth to him, he takes every single last dollar!

I guess I should just be happy I taught them to work together but I really did not mean for that to be against ME! lol


  1. Good to read, haven't played monopoly in years,
    perhaps I ought to get the grandchildren interested instead of the computer games they play.

  2. Thats funny! I had a boyfriend once who loved this game so much he was VICIOUS! no Mercy whats so ever. I think he thought he was Donald Trump. Blessings, Joanne

  3. I have not played monopoly in years - I always lost! -Sigh- Thanks for stopping by, as a mother of three, all boys, I can tell you that they will all, no matter the gender, conspire against you!

  4. Thanks for the comment, very kind of you,

  5. hahahaha That was hilarious! I don't care much about Monopoly, but I have played with the kids, and thank goodness they haven't been that aggressive! lol


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