Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Road Trips

This past weekend I had the pleasure of driving three out of my four kids across town and I realized that even though they are growing up, they are just as bad in the car as when they were toddlers.  One was in the back seat trying to tell me a good story about school, one was interupting the entire time to get her two cents in from the other back seat and the one in the front (Jake) was changing the radio station ever two seconds trying to find a song then cranking up the volume once he did! 
I did have a little smile on my face though, thinking back on all the times my own mother used to yell at my sister and I telling us "I hope someday when you have kids they drive you as nuts as you two drive me!"
LOL, you win mom... paybacks!

You know I had to race home and create a family cartoon to showcase these moments we all have seem to have had.  I hope this story brings back some good family car moments for you too!


  1. Although there were only me and brother, we were like that often.
    One good thing about my dad, he always let me control the radio, which was great because rock 'n roll was brand new then and very exciting.
    Thank You for reminding me.

  2. oh we were Always LOST. we would all get really quiet, because if we weren't my Dad would lose it completely...poor guy...never once did he gget to his destination without a few detours first. i inherited his sense of direction! Great post. Blessings, Joanne

  3. My parents always enjoyed driving with me, because I would get sick in the backseat. Since I just have 2 kids, there was never a real problem, unless I was carpooling a larger group. Now I'm at the point where they take my car, and the next day I find all my radio stations have changed! Cute post! Julie

  4. just yesterday, i took all kids , who had come for a vacation to my home..just to give some rest for my mother and wife.. packed them in car and went to zoo.. oh my god, these were a different species all together.. but had fun..

  5. Car sick, loud songs, and all kids talking at once, ya, I've been there once or a zillion times!

  6. it sounds like you had a long car trip to deal with :)

    i hope it wasn't too stressful!!!


  7. This brought back memories of my sister and me changing the radio station every five seconds, and driving my dad crazy!! I wonder now how my parents ever stood those road trips. Cute post, thanks for the smiles! :)

  8. Oh my God does this ever bring back memories. Like my brother pointing his finger at me just beyond my face and saying "I'm not touching you." Or my little sister having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. LOL!

  9. Brings back memories.
    Please let everyone know about my first book on Amazon.
    Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep